Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What Would Judge Judy Do?

Man I love Judge Judy. This is a clip from her on the View last week, explaining her thoughts on Sarah Palin, among other things. It's especially good because she and Bawbawa are actually friends, so Babs actually seems genuine throughout.

The best part is when JJ is saying that whether or not Palin personally supports embryonic stem cell research should be irrelevant, because it's not her job to enforce that belief on the American people, it's the job of the elected legislators. At which point Hasselcrack kind of mumbles, "well she has a duty to the American people". I don't think JJ heard her, because Babs abruptly changes the subject to avoid JJ laying down the ultimate smackdown on Hasselcrack's dumb Republican ass.


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Anonymous said...

I heart judge judy. Your love of her makes me happy.