Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Biggest Load of Political Bulls**t I've Heard Since Bush said FEMA was doing a good job with Katrina

So I'm actually grateful to McCain for this week. He did something even more transparently politicky than taking an inexperienced nutjob of a backwoods Alaskan woman as his VP pick in order to fire up those bible-thumpin, rifle-totin' GOPers/steal attention and momentum from Obama.

McCain suspended his campaign in order to fly to D.C. where he is "needed" to help solve the financial crisis. Included in this suspension is a possible no-show for the highly anticipated first debate with Obama.

Please keep in mind:

(A) McCain is not even on the committee that is dealing with the issue
(B) McCain's financial background/expertise is pretty much zilch.
(C) McCain is the most absent Senator of the 110th Congress, having missed 64% of the votes since January 2007 (more than Tim Johnson, who um, had a stroke) (Washington Post).
(D) He tanked in the polls this week. concidence?
(E) Congressional lawmakers came to terms on the bailout package today, several hours before McCain finished his speech at teh Clinton Global Initiative and flew to Washington to rescue the American Economy (NY Times).
(F) McCain's "suspension" saved him $1 million dollars in ads, and generated a shitload of earned media. ie., he didn't stop campaigning, he merely stopped paying for tv time (huffington post).
(G) As of Friday morning, 12:17 AM PST, the McCain camp still hasn't announced whether or not he will debate Obama Friday night, having declared that the answer depends on the state of the bailout agreement.

In my opinion, this move makes McCain look like a complete idiot. It looks like, not only is he reluctant to debate Obama, but he went about avoiding that debate in one of the most transparent maneuvers I've seen in a loooong time. If I didn't object to the word "pussy" being used as a derogatory term I would TOTALLY CALL HIM ONE.

But, at least I haven't thought about Sarah Palin for like a good 36 hours.

Here's the latest New York Times article about it all.

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