Tuesday, September 16, 2008

One of my favorite Jezebel features: Crappy Hour

The original Wonkette, Ann Marie Cox (no relation :) and Jezebel Megan Carpentier have a classic AIM convo about Bristol Palin's tanning bed, Tucker Bounds being a sado-masochist, and how Republicans don't have any idea what feminism is, but have somehow co-opted the word "sexism" as their own original experience.

ANA MARIE: There's some kind of segue between Julia and this about Tucker Bounds, but I'm still coffee-less, so I'll let you make it. They really need to stop sending the twelve-year-old intern out to the morning shows. Or cable shows, I mean. I think I was thinking "morning show" because he's getting his ass kicked, in all cases, by heavily rougued faux-next-girls! GIRLS!

MEGAN: Actually, the man just needs to, like, fucking prepare before he goes. Your candidate is out lying like he's Dick Cheney or something, you gotta put your big boy panties on just like Ari Fleischer did and take it. I think the real problem is that Tucker Bounds likes getting spanked by hot women.

ANA MARIE: YOU CAN TOTALLY TELL. He totally knows the shit the campaign is trying to pull and just enjoys being called on it. "TELL ME AGAIN HOW WE LIE, CAMPBELL. MAKE IT HURT."

MEGAN: "I know I've been naughty, Megyn. Tell me I've been naughty."

click here for the hilarious full convo.

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