Monday, September 15, 2008

The McCain Campaign's Sacrificial Lamb

Tucker Bounds, the sacrificial aide from the McCain campaign, continued to take beatings from various network anchors. It is such a pleasure to watch journalists do their jobs.

OMG!!! Fox News called out the McCain campaign's lying-ass ads that say, (erroneously) that (1) Obama plans to raise taxes for the middle class, and (2) Obama supported a bill for sex ed for kindergardeners (um, hello! it was a bill about sexual predator education so that kids know not to get in the strange man's car for candy! UGH!). Something is wrong when it takes Fox to call you out on your effing lies.

Campbell Brown goes to town. This one's my favorite. Her mocking smile when he blatantly dodges her questions makes me love her.

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Anonymous said...

Campbell Brown just made my day! Wasn't this from like two weeks ago?