Monday, October 13, 2008

NO on Prop. 4

What I don't understand is how Californians keep rejecting issues, and the same issues keep making their way onto ballots. Abortion opponents have now put the issue of parental notification on the ballot for the THIRD TIME IN FOUR YEARS.
The last time I voted against this, I sat down to think it through before the vote. If I had gotten pregnant at 15, I would have probably done anything I could to avoid telling my parents. Even if that meant an unsafe or self-induced abortion. Imagine the plight of the molested teenager, pregnant with a father or stepfather's baby, having to notify her parents in order to obtain an abortion.

It is my belief that anti-abortion groups promote this idea so strongly because they believe that notifying the parents of pregnant minors will lower abortion rates. This it will not do. Prop. 4 would simply raise the number of bootleg abortions, if you will. Unsafe, unsanctioned, across state lines, self-induced. I would hope that if I were ever a mother, and my teenage daughter faced this, that she would trust me enough to talk to me about it. But if she didn't, for whatever reason, I would much rather my daughter have a safe, legal abortion that I don't know about, than a dangerous, illegal, black market one that I don't know about. Wouldn't you?

Abortion Rights on the Ballot, Again

Vote No on Prop. 4

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